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Dmitri Thompson holds a significant position within the companies of 

DT Real Estate and DT Media. Beyond his role as a real estate consultant, Dmitri is actively engaged in the domains of radio and podcast hosting and production. It is essential to emphasize that his primary commitment is to the satisfaction and well-being of our valued real estate clientele.

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Real Estate Guidance

This section will show our primary passion. There is also the option to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Mortgage / Lender Assistance

Sell/Buy Property

Comparative Market Analysis


Podcast Guest

Self Credit Repair


Robert Gore

I was a real estate agent for thirty years. Dmitri Thompson is the very best agent I have ever worked with. Period. I owned a quality rental house in Las Vegas and as such had numerous calls and postings from agents who wanted to sell my home. All backed down from representing me because they said I was under water with the loan. Dmitri didn’t agree with any of them and made his case on why he thought my house was worth $40,000 more than any other agent estimated its value. His case was solidly based on statistics plus his astute “gut feel”, so I listed with him. The result was an almost immediate escrow opening and a short-term recording (close) at near our asking price. Professional, personal and integrity are among his qualities. I highly recommend him… very highly recommend him.





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