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About Dmitri

After a remarkable journey spanning six years in the U.S. Navy and another fifteen navigating the intricate world of telecom, Dmitri found himself at a crossroads when he embraced a role at a real estate investment firm nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs. Tasked with overseeing IT, marketing, and property management, Dmitri's insatiable curiosity for real estate didn't go unnoticed by the company's owner. Soon enough, he was entrusted with spearheading the launch of a new office in Henderson, NV – a proposition Dmitri and his wife courageously embraced, bidding farewell to their Denver suburb for the shimmering lights of Las Vegas.

As Dmitri delved deeper into the realm of real estate, a gnawing suspicion led him to scrutinize the figures reported to investors. Uncovering discrepancies, he probed the owner, only to find elaborate explanations that raised more questions. In a twist of fate, Dmitri unraveled a Ponzi scheme, reported it, and in the process, detonated his career. Armed with a newly minted real estate license, he and his steadfast wife found themselves in a new city, facing a fresh start devoid of a support system – save for each other. Adding irony to injury, the couple were also investors in the very company Dmitri had exposed.

The initial year as a real estate agent proved satisfactory, but with industry-standard splits and dwindling savings, Dmitri recognized the need for change. In September 2017, he took the bold step of reaching out to Simply Vegas, securing an audience with John Gafford, the co-owner. Simply Vegas, known for its rarity in accepting new agents, saw potential in Dmitri and granted him an opportunity.

Fast forward six years, and Dmitri stands resilient at Simply Vegas, working in tandem with his wife, Dorene, who also ventured into the realm of real estate consulting. Their collaborative efforts have fostered relationships with real estate professionals nationally and internationally. In a bold move during Q2 of 2023, the couple unveiled DT Media, a venture designed to complement the marketing endeavors of DT Real Estate. The journey from naval service to telecom, unmasking financial deceit, and ultimately finding success in the real estate domain is a testament to Dmitri's tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity.

DT Real Estate at Simply Vegas

Founded in 2017, DT Real Estate expeditiously integrated into the Serhant. network before relocating to the premises of Simply Vegas. At present, Simply Vegas boasts an agent roster nearing 600 and ranks third in total volume within the industry. Positioned only behind Berkshire Hathaway (1300+ agents) and Realty One (1600+ agents), our standing is noteworthy.

Significantly, we proudly assert our distinction as the premier boutique luxury firm in the state of Nevada, characterized by the highest revenue generation. Our commitment extends beyond mere numerical metrics, encapsulating a dedicated adherence to best practices, client-centric approaches, and the continual pursuit of excellence within the real estate domain.

DT Media

Welcome to the vibrant world of our Radio Shows and Podcast! These aren't just audio experiences; they're dynamic vehicles propelling us into diverse markets and providing small businesses with a captivating platform to shine. Picture our Podcast as a dazzling stage, where the spotlight dances across the stories of small business owners, influencers, and cherished clients, illuminating the incredible tapestry of entrepreneurial journeys.

Now, our Radio Show isn't just a broadcast—it's your personal sanctuary. It's where listeners unwind, dive into current events, and most importantly, forge a connection with us. Think of it as more than just a show; it's an invitation to relax, discuss, and build a relationship that goes beyond the airwaves.

We're not just committed; we're on a mission. A mission to keep you in the loop with the freshest trends and strategies, ensuring you're ahead of the curve. But it's not all business; we believe in infusing every moment with a sprinkle of fun and a dash of escapism. After all, who says staying informed can't be an exhilarating journey?

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can immerse yourself in our extraordinary programs? Tune in and unravel the magic that sets us apart. Let the waves of our shows wash over you—because here, every moment is a chance to discover something truly special!

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