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Credit Repair Kit Description


Did you know a low credit score can cost you over $200,000 in mortgage interest?


Before you invest in a credit repair company, take the 90 day challenge to educate yourself about credit and what it takes to increase your credit score and keep it that way!


Here's what you'll get:

  • A step-by-step guide to learning how to repair your credit score and improve it continuously

    • Step 1: Understanding your credit report

    • Step 2: Updating your personal information

    • Step 3: How to build credit

    • Step 4: Challenging derogatory items


  • Access to credit bureau dispute letters to challenge derogatory items, including:

    • Hard Inquiry

    • Repossession

    • Personal Information

    • Identity Theft

    • Late Payment

    • Medical Bills

    • And More!


  • FREE e-book – Simple Credit Repair

    • What’s on your credit report?

    • How to locate the credit report mistakes

    • How to clean up your credit report

    • 10 ways to improve your credit score


**FYI: Please use a laptop or desktop to access the files** 

Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit

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